Foreground and Background in Landscape Photography

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Photo by: Bishwo Aryan



Helpful Histogram

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The histogram is simply a graph that allows you to judge the brightness of a photo. Many don’t use histogram just because, either they are not aware of this great tool or they simply don’t know how to use it. Let me suggest you to use Histogram to fix your underexposed digital photos.

After you open your underexposed photo in Photoshop Simply click: I. Ctrl+L or go to Image > Adjustments > You will then get ‘Level window’ and simply drag and clip the arrow heads as shown below. You will instantly see the difference.

Photo after Histogram corrected.

Photo before post production.

Photo by: Ashish Bhujel
Photo originally posted at Life in Nepal Everest Uncensored.

Rotate, Crop and Correct Level

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Let me try to improve this picture of Akash Bhairab taken by Bhanu Chalise and posted in Life in Nepal (LIN) at

Original photo.

1. Using free transformation I have rotated the photo slightly to the left in Photoshop.

2. Crop it using crop tool.

3. Final photo after correcting exposure using level in Image Adjustment.

Sometime little effort in post production can make big difference in your final output but never take Photoshop for granted. For perfect photos, your first choice should always be on the spot where you take photos.

Original Post Photo: Bhanu Chalise.

Creative Cropping for Better Picture

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Creative Cropping. Photo By: Siddhi Lal Kayestha

Singing Nepal’s Anthem

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Singing national anthem in morning assemblies is routine affair although it still remains to be ascertained whether it indeed contributes to firing up love for the country among the children. The picture shows pupils of Shree Kokar Singh Pancha Kanya Prathamik Viddyalaya in Bhotekoshi queued up in an encore singing anthem wholeheartedly. I clicked this picture during a hike to Pangnang, Bhotekoshi on May 2009 with family members in tow.

This Nepal’s new national anthem by Bykul Maila got approved by Nepal’s cabinet on 20th of April, 2007.

Transportation of Highland

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This local mean of transportation which still is in use are getting extinct because of trek route being transformed into motorable road. Vehicles that cruise polluting the pure environment of our highland immensely robbed the charm of trekking from Muktinatha to Jomsom. It seriously disturbs the tourism industry in Annapurna Circuit.

The deep valleys and high mountains encircling the giant Annapurna Himal embrace a wide range of peoples and terrain, from subtropical jungle to a high, dry landscape resembling the Tibetan Plateau. This route is an exceptional way to discover all aspects of the Himalayas, and is the only low altitude passage between the northern and southern Himalayas.

This trek route within Annapurna region follow the old trade route of Nepal Tibet along the bank of the Kali Gandaki and reaches the Mustang border, via Kag Beni.

Combat Climate Change

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The mountainous ranges of Nepal, which introduce from world’s highest Mt Everest to other eight peaks above 8000 meters among others, are gradually changing their appearance due to climate change which pose adverse affect on our magnificent Himalayas.

Environmental activists say rising temperatures are rapidly shrinking the Himalayan glaciers from which several Asian rivers originate, threatening the lives of millions of people who depend on them for water.

“Your planet needs you – Unite to combat Climate Change” is theme for this year’s World Environment Day. Seen in the picture: Annparuna Range ‘Mount Gangapurna’ 7,455m and Gangapurna Glacier Lake, Manang.


Chottu and his Catch

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A local boy showing a bucket with some fish which he along with his brother (behind) were able to catch using fishhooks at Ghadiharwa Pokhari of Birgunj. As temperature scores up to 40 degree and above, these local boys try to beat the heat by fishing in pond the whole day.

This pond is popularly known as Ghadiarba Pokhari Udyan, with a walkway leading to a temple of Suryadev (Sun God) in the middle. It is one of the main tourist’s attraction of Birgunj and has beautiful musical fountain, boat-ride, green belt, walkway etc. Some local people also call this pond a love garden.

Love me Tender

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Pigeons are peaceful bird and at times so romantic. They are monogamous, as mated pairs typically breed in successive seasons throughout their lives. A majority of the pairs will try to bring up about four to five broods every year.

A Keeping pigeon is ancient hobby cherish by many dwellers of Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur and many other old urban cities of Nepal. Took this picture one evening at my home and these are my pigeons.

Beauty of Rural Nepal

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This lady I saw at Thaiba, Lalitpur seems all happy and content, which I think is the beauty of rural Nepal. Unfortunately many dwellers of big cities do lack such contentment in life while they pursue distant dreams of cosmopolitan life.

While going to Godavari, Lalitpur I saw this lady carrying a boy in ‘doko’ (Basket) on her back. ‘Kuto’ and ‘Kodalo’ in her hands suggest that she must be going to work in the field near by.